Communal heating systems

A communal heating or ‘district heating’ system supplies heat to a number of dwellings from a common heat source. This type of system may comprise of anything from a system that heats a block of apartments to a much larger system that heats multiple buildings.

The main advantage of using communal heating in flats is the notable reduction in energy requirements over individual gas or oil fired boilers. You can also utilise renewable energy sources which all helps to drop the carbon emissions and ultimately reduce the overheads in energy costs.

Communal heating interface units

Heat interface units such as our popular HeatPlus™ systems are located in each dwelling and connected to the central heat source. This means that the tenant or home owner can have an independent source of hot water and heating, removing the requirement for gas supply, boilers and more complicated pipework in every home. It also requires less maintenance and a smaller footprint in the dwelling as energy sources are centrally located. This obviously appeals to new build developers as well as those looking to retrofit. For the end user, they have instant, controllable energy just as they would with their own independent heat source.

Billing solutions for communal heating

Billing is much easier with our communal heating solutions as tenants only need to pay for only the energy they use. Our intelligent heat interface units accurately monitor the energy used by each dwelling for both heating and hot water. We can then take control of billing, payments and processing, leaving landlords to manage more important things.

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