LanTen’s HeatPlus™ Heat Meters are designed to provide Social Housing Tenants with all the information they need to budget for and manage their energy usage.

A Data Collector, Heat Meter Payment Device and Home Energy Manager…

HeatPlus™ is designed to acts as a data collector, smart payment device and home energy manager. Our Heat Meters offers a range of payment options, and can accommodate both monthly billing as well as pay-as-you-go modes.

Using a simple touch screen display fitted within their home, Tenants have 24/7 access to information about their energy consumption including:

  • Instantaneous cost
  • Account Balance
  • Remaining days (at current usage)
  • Historical Consumption Data and Carbon Emissions

This leads to better budgeting and a more thoughtful and efficient use of energy. HeatPlus™ is ISO accredited and meets the requirements for The Code for Sustainable Homes Energy Display Devices.
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For more information on our Smart Meters for Social Housing Tenants please call: 08454 707 222