Community Heating for Landlords

Community Heating networks offer considerable advantages to both Landlords and Tenants, however the supply of a Community Heating system to multiple Tenants can raise a number of important issues that need to be addressed including:

  • Heating systems costly to install
  • Fuel options are a minefield, gas CHP, biomass, solar thermal etc
  • Risers, HIU, plant rooms eat up GIA
  • No desire to become Energy Suppliers
  • Management of Metering & Billing

Having invested heavily in supplying a community heating network to multiple Tenants, Landlords are then faced with the increased administration and risk to their business associated with the billing and collection of revenue associated with supplying energy to individual tenants.
Whilst Community Heating networks offer major benefits to both Landlords and Tenants, there are considerable issues that need to be addressed by Landlords involved in these initiatives:

  • Landlords unable to recover energy costs
  • Standing Charges not recovered
  • Tenants are burdened with credit
  • Time consuming and costly billing and management
  • Complex billing systems, expensive installations and wiring

LanTen’s HeatPlus™ Heat Metering Solution is designed to alleviate the burden placed on landlords, and offers a cost effective energy management solution that meets the needs of both landlords and tenants.

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