Heat Metering Solutions

LanTen Ltd provide wireless Heat Metering Solutions for Landlords involved in Community Housing Stock, where energy is supplied to multiple tenants.

Our Heat Metering solutions are designed to assist Landlords who provide energy to multiple tenants through a community heating network. Our Heat Meters reduce the administrative burden that payment and collection of energy places on Landlords, and provides invaluable support in a number of areas including:

  • Recovery of Energy Costs
  • Automated & Secure Billing Platform
  • Flexible Payment Options
  • Debt Recovery
  • Simple retrofit with wireless technology

Flexible Heat Meter Solutions for Landlords and Tenants

LanTen`s HeatPlus™ Heat Meters are simple to use, and easy to understand. Their touch screen visual display enables Tenants to easily monitor and manage their energy consumption. And for their convenience, the system offers a range of flexible payment options including monthly billing and pay-as-you-go modes. With LanTen`s HeatPlus™ every Tenant in a community energy scheme can benefit from the HeatPlus™ system and pay the same energy price. 

HeatPlus™ offers Landlords a full financial and energy reporting service along with a secure automated payment and collection system.

Find out more about our HeatPlus™ Heat Meter Solutions or call our Customer Service Team on 0845 707 222