HeatPlus™ Heat Meter Solutions

Lanten HeatPlus Heat Meter Solutions

LanTen’s new HeatPlus™ Heat Meter Solutions use state-of-the-art GPRS wireless technology to deliver effective energy management and payment collection community heating solutions for Landlords.

HeatPlus™ is the latest addition to a very successful range of smart meter solutions from LanTen Metering Services Ltd. HeatPlus™ is a heat and water meter interface which allows data to be read and analysed and is particularly suited to the prepayment and credit systems.

Simple to install Heat Meter Solutions designed for Flexibility and Control

Simple to install with low running costs, HeatPlus™ Heat Meter solutions are designed to put landlords in financial control of their community energy system, and to offer fast payback through automated billing and collection.

Heat Meter solutions for Large Community Housing Energy Networks or Individual Units

HeatPlus™ can operate in either pre-payment or post payment configurations and offers a Landlord the flexibility to remotely change any customer from pre to post pay at any time. Our Heat Meter system technology does not require any form of site network, internet provision or LAN. The ‘stand-alone’ nature of the system renders it suitable for from the largest community housing energy network scheme down to individual units.

HeatPlus™ is ISO accredited, meets the requirements for The Code for Sustainable Homes Energy Display Devices and is suitable for new residential properties or retro fit into existing flats, houses or whole developments.

Find out more about our HeatPlus™ Heat Meter Technology and call our Customer Service Team on 08454 707 222