HeatPlus™ Heat Meter Technology

Lanten HeatPlus Heat Meter Solutions

LanTen’s HeatPlus™ is a fully accredited OFGEM based open protocol system that uses state-of-the-art Heat Meter Technology to deliver a low cost Energy Management and Billing solution for Private Networks.

Heat Metering solutions for Large Residential Schemes or Individual Units

HeatPlus™ is designed for use with single or multiple fuels and is suitable for new residential properties or retro fit into existing flats, houses or whole developments. It can be installed in risers or metering cupboards or in conjunction with HIUs. The standalone nature of HeatPlus™ makes it suitable for large schemes as well as individual units.

Metering and Billing For Social Housing Landlords

The HeatPlus™ solution offers Landlords a fast payback through an automated billing and collection system and is capable of operating in either pre-payment or post payment configurations, enabling Landlords to have complete control to change any customer from pre to post pay at any time, remotely without entering the property.

Tokenless Metering Solution for Tenants

HeatPlus™ has all the benefits of a tokenless solution. Tenants are allocated a unique customer number and card, with money automatically transferred to the meter, not kWh. All tariffs are managed locally within the meter using secure triple DES encoded Vend Codes, which are meter specific and can only be used once. The codes can be vended from a variety of sources: PayPoint, telephone, internet… The codes can be easily re-sent from any source, irrespective of the original vend source.

LanTen Heat Meter technology is suitable for a range of applications including: community heating, domestic hot water, electricity, natural gas, domestic cold water, harvested rainwater or grey water, renewable electricity.

HeatPlus™ is ISO accredited and meets the requirements for The Code for Sustainable Homes Energy Display Devices (Links to PDF download)

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