The HeatPlus™ Home Energy Monitor & Controller

LanTen`s  HeatPlus™ Home Energy Monitor & Controller is a heat and water meter interface, which allows data to be read and analysed. HeatPlus™ Heat Meter Technology is particularly suited to prepayment and credit systems and using state- of- the- art GPRS wireless technology the solution delivers a low cost energy management and payment collection system to Landlords who provide energy to their tenants through a community heating network.

The  HeatPlus™ HEC collects data from the Energy Heat Meter and presents it in an easy to read format.

The HEC provides an easy means of supplying real time energy consumption, comparison data with earlier usage and a means of adjusting central and water heating temperatures and durations. In addition it also gives a calculation of carbon emissions.

Through the HEC, customers can easily customise and change settings such as heating periods and temperature ranges, to suit their individual requirements.

HeatPlus™  is suitable for new residential properties or retro fit into existing flats, houses or whole developments.

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