Metering and Billing

LanTen Energy Heat Metering and Billing Technology is fully flexible making it suitable for larger schemes as well as individual units, and is capable of operating in either pre-payment or post payment configurations. This offers the Landlord the capability to change any customer from pre to post pay at any time, without the need to enter the property. The metering structure can also accommodate standing charge payments to cater for the non-tariff costs of operating the system.

Standalone Energy Heat Metering and Billing Solutions

The metering equipment in each property is ‘stand-alone’ and does not require any form of site network, internet provision or LAN. The LanTen Energy Management Service is built around a multi-year contract where a charge is levied for the purchase, installation and annual maintenance of meters and for managing payment flows from Tenants direct to the Landlord’s bank account.

HeatPlus™ Energy Heat Meters can be easily retro-fitted to existing properties and developments where Landlords are facing inefficiencies in the measurement and payment for energy delivery.

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